Justin Starling – The Come Up Lyrics

The Come Up By Justin Starling

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Had to finish on a high note, tony soprano
Highkey baby grand lobby, playing piano
Put my life on tv, ain’t no changing the channel
She changed into chanel, got the drip like a candle
No sandals on my feet but this life is a beach
Lotta lessons to be learned even when they don’t teach
Couple days in LA then it’s back to the east
I’ve been stretching out a check and extending my reach
Bags all under my eyes and my luggage is checked
No telling what they do nowadays for respect
Sell ya soul one day, they gone come to collect
Lips sealed when I move, don’t know what to expect
They say keep the friends close and your enemies closer
At the crib no friends only family over
And my enemies are dead ’cause they’re finally acknowledged
They would die for attention, give they life for deposits
Took some time but I learned that It’s deeper than rap
Generation full of flowers growing deep in the cracks
Tryna shine a lil light ’cause all they seeing is black
Let ’em see your true colors ’cause it’s deeper than that
Everybody chasing something ’till we run out of time
I just pray that what you after got you coming alive
5 o’clock in the morning it’s just one of those nights
This my view on this life never said it was right
Always tryna hold on when I gotta let go
Always looking for a yes when they telling me no
I be living too fast should be taking it slow
Since I never have the time now I’m letting you know
I appreciate the time and the moments we have
I’m just tryna make you happy see you smile and laugh
Some days gotta pray missing talks with my dad
Just remember where you from when you get where you at

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