Denace – Unbreakable Lyrics

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Unbreakable By Denace

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they better call an army to harm me
my arsonals larger with missles
i’m carving initials
in bullets for anybody
that want a part of me
that called me a carbon copy
of marshall that causes awful conditions
you p—— talk in a distance
youre like little poodles barking im like a doberman pincher
im closer to linch ya rape the game im forcing to enter
deadly like a sword and a ninja according to the dictio
nary youre a w—- on a menstral
all of a sudden you formed a form of dementia
my auras essential s— i scorch instrumentals
im morbid and mental
stick a fork and utensils
far enough to reach organs instestints
im like a caged animal and they just borded the fences
norman bates with no emotion expressions
waiting outside your home with rope and extension

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