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About this app
The Instagram app is the perfect way to stay connected via photos online. Share your pictures and videos with the world and follow your favourite celebrity accounts at the click of a button. It’s easy to share precious moments with your friends and family, find interesting accounts to follow, discover what your friends are viewing and keep track of trends on the app. There are a plethora of effects available for Instagram users such as Boomerang coupled with lots of beautiful video and photo filters that’ll make your feeds look extra special. You can even go live on Instagram Stories and interact with your followers in real time. The app is highly popular, trustworthy and well-known among users from different age groups. What’s more, it’s completely free with no extra costs. Additionally, you can use Instagram to build a fan following with the help of your fun posts, promote a brand or passion like fitness and use interesting tags to become an Instagram celebrity in no time at all.
Major features worth noting:
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  • Free to use with no hidden costs
  • Share your photos and videos with your family, friends and the rest of the world
  • Follow your favorite celebrity accounts
  • Keep track of trends easily
  • Lots of photo and video filters available
  • Use Instagram Stories to go live and interact with your followers

 39.3 MB

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