Latest MTN Glo, Airtel, 9mobile free browsing cheat 0.0kb file September 2019

Latest MTN free browsing cheat 0.0kb file September 2019

Hello geeks, its been awhile have posted something relating to browsing cheats. That’s why you don’t come to my website again abi? Thank God bro google brought you back (smile). I wanna ask you are you here to stay? Or you wanna branch and gush back to your base?? If your answer is yes, please like our Facebook page via realgeeks media, our updates would come to you.


Am somehow funny today? Yeah you’re right because what am about to tell you now would blow your mind coz am not going to give out any file or code but I shall give you tips and tricks instead. MTN is the most used, popular and richest telecom in Nigeria but unfortunately, they are quit expensive and the rate at which they deduct data is so annoying. MTN might make you do monthly subscriptions 3 times a week.

Remember this, G-boys and celebrities can afford expensive data subscriptions but MTN is not concern with common men, here as a geek, am going to teach you how to deal with those guys.

Things To do to make your MTN data sub Last Longer.

1. Activate Data saver on your phone

gone are the days when MTN would give us 10MB free data weekly after recharging our line with just 100 naira airtime. The 10MB then is now equivalent to 2GB today, then Java phone was the trend.
Our Android Phone which is more powerful and could make use of real super Apps and most of this Apps if not all has a special hidden stray they use in draining your data. In order to close the tip of their straw, activate data saver. But it is advisable to turn off your data when it’s not been used to save you from stubborn apps and to reserve your battery.

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2. Stay away from instag*am

Hey don’t get me wrong am not writing bad review about instagram and I believe am talking to Nigerians, instagram is meant for celebrities and G-Boys. These people can afford 12GB for 1k Naira, why then should you go there and murder your precious data. I don’t ask you not to follow up your celebrities but make it snappy and dash out of instagram sharp sharp! what if sleep carry you away while still on instagram? The next day MTN will start begging you to come and renew the subscription you did yesterday (lolz). Instagram contains videos and almost all this videos are done using mobile phone, do you remember the amount of space the video you recorded that day consumed on your phone? (1 minutes video is 100mb) well, instagram might compress 100mb to 70mb, I want you to understand that each video you watch will cost you at least 70mb. You watched 10 videos which is 70*10 = 700, your 1gb sub remains 300mb which might also be collected completely by instagram the following day (because sweet videos won’t stop coming lolz)

3. Do Night subscriptions to augment your stable subscription lifespan

I know you might be an upcoming artist or in anyway you might really need the instagram or you might want to download something from the play store, you can try night subscriptions where you get 500MB with 50 naira see how to do it here.

4. Stay away from websites with big designs and images.

Big websites that has big JavaScripts, Images, CSS and large contents tends to drain your data faster and you can know such website with their loading speed which takes longer time. So, always look for simple websites where you can download your contents. You can as well cope with big websites by turning off javascript and images on your browser (all standard browsers has this feature)

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5. Always surf websites that offers free browsing cheats

As A typical Nigeria guy, we browse the internet daily to see if our luck could hit a working free browsing cheats, well have gathered some for you check the best websites to get free browsing cheats.
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