Which headphones will support the new features of Google Fast Pair, Find My Device and Android Q

On I/O 2019, Google imperceptibly made a series of announcements to improve Bluetooth devices on Android. Today, the company shared a complete list that features third-party headphones that will support the new features of Fast Pair and Find My Device, as well as display information about the connected device in Android Q.

The Fast Pair feature helps you connect your headphones to Android devices faster and easier

As the name suggests, Fast Pair was originally designed to make the process of setting up Bluetooth on Android faster and kind of seamless. The headphones next to your phone are automatically recognized and connected with a single touch, they connect to your tablets on their own, and they connect to your Chromebook through your Google account.

At the end of this year, smartphones with connected headphones Fast Pair will display separate indicators of battery percentages for the charging case and headphones. The battery charge of the case and headphones will also be displayed as a notification when opening/closing the case.

Meanwhile, the Fast Pair devices will appear in the app and on the Find My Device website. There you can see where and when you last used them, as well as play a sound signal on them to make it easier to find.

These-headphones-will-support-Google-new-Fast-Pair-features-2-750x483 Android  Which headphones will support the new features of Google Fast Pair, Find My Device and Android Q

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Finally, with version 10 Android will get an extended page of information about Bluetooth-devices, where you can manage all available functions at once. The system settings app will now contain links to Find My Device and Assistant settings, and manufacturers will be able to directly reference unique features in their apps.
While the list of devices that support new features is not very large

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During the may developers conference, Google demonstrated several compatible devices. Today, the Android developers blog posted a complete list of fast Pair headphones that will support the latest features. Some new features of Android Q and Fast Pair will appear later this year.

Anker Spirit Pro, GVA
Anker SoundCore Flare+
JBL Live 220BT
JBL Live 400BT
JBL Live 500BT
JBL Live 650BT
Jaybird Tarah
1More Dual Driver BT ANC
Cleer Ally Plus

Last year, Google collaborated with dozens of manufacturers of mobile devices and their accessories, to add support for a Fast Pair to a greater number of headphones. One aspect is the support for the Qualcomm smart headset development kit, which makes it easier for manufacturers to integrate Fast Pair and Google Assistant.


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