10 Android Apps all singers must have

Music is life, music is sport. said my music teacher. Voice is produced by the vibration in the diaphragm. Our voice is like an instrument we must learn how to use it that leads us to the fact that music is beyond opening mouth and singing. Things you must add and improve in order to become an exceptional singer includes your vocal agility, rang, resonance, falsetto, headvoice, sustainability, vibrato, riffs and runs. If you are able to use these effects and style of singing OMG! You are the next star.

Everything mentioned earlier has different trainings to enable you sing them. That’s why am up with the idea of listing out 10 Android apps to help your music carrier get your mobile data ready time to download your career’s tools.

Most african country homes doesn’t have any musical instruments other than handbell No wonder White dudes sings better than we do. In order to boost your music career you are advised to get familiar with keyboard, or guiter. But if you are unable to get them, do not panic! You android smartphone will help a lot.

Android App that would make you sound like Pro

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1. Singplay – an offline karaoke that enable you record your own voice with your desired instrumental or free beats the production comes in high quality.

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Breathing app

2. Breathing App – Many vocal coach will tell you the importance of breathing. Good voice is as a result of good breathing techniques which is breathing from diaphragm and overcoming tensions. This app focuses on improving your breathing technique.

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Vocal Warmup

3. 7 Minutes Vocal warm Up – this app offers you all the essential vocal warm up that would improve your vocal agility, articution, sustainability etc.

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4. Water Reminder – Water plays vital role in singing, well hydrated vocal chords will never experience tension or damage easily

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5. Audio Converter – this app helps you convert your audio to different formats and you can also convert video to audio, cut audios and vidos

6. Mp3 Merger – as the name convey you can merge any song together with this app

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7. Improve Your English – try and improve your articulation and pronunciation of words by downloading this piece

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