647 Behold how a good thing
Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.
               Ps.  133:1
Behold how good a thing
It is dwell in peace;
How pleasing to our King
This fruit of righteousness;
When brethren all in one agree,
Who knows the joys of unity
Where unity is found,
The sweet anointing grace
Extends to all around,
And consecrates the place;
To every waiting soul it comes,
And fills it with divine perfumes.
Grace every morning new,
And every night we feel
The soft refreshing dew
That falls on Hermon’s hill!
On Zion it doth sweetly fall;
The grace of one descends on all.
Ev’n now our Lord doth pour
The blessing from above,
A kindly, gracious show’r
Of heart reviving love
The former and the latter rain,
The love of God and love of man.
In Him when brethren join,
And fellowship divine
He promises to bless;
His choicest graces to bestow
Where two or three are met below.
The riches of His grace
In fellowship are giv’n
To Zion’s chosen race,
He citizens of heav’n:
He fills them with His choicest store,
He give them life for evermore.