Hymn 616:
Command thy healing Jesus Christ
Which is as same today
O let the power of thy name
Heal me, and make me whole.
If thou art still a friend O lord
Unto the needy ones
Perform thy wondrous work on me
That I may praise thy name.
I call upon thee Lord today
Perform thy miracle
As leper look thou upon me
That kneel down at thy feet.
My ears are deaf unto thy laws
Open my ears O  lord
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Command and make my wither’d hand
To lift it up to Thee.
Like that lame man at Bethsida
Let me receive Thy strength
Then I will jump up for joy.
I am blind from my mother’s womb
My soul is very dark
I cannot see the love of God
The sins’ worth, I can’t know.
I hear that thou art passing by
Come nearer unto me
O Jesus, Thou Son of David
In mercy, hear me cry.
Behold, I’m waiting at thy path
O Thou the light of heav’n
Command, and say Thou unto me
Sinner, receive thy sight.
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