Yugoslavia National Anthem English Translation


Hej Sloveni, još ‘te živi
duh naših dedova,
dok za narod srce bije
njihovih sinova.
Živi, živi duh slovenski
živet ce vekov’ma
zalud preti ponor pakla
zalud vatra groma.

Nek se sada i nad nama
burom sve raznese
stena puca, dub se lama,
zemlja nek se trese.
Mi stojimo postojano
kano klisurine
proklet bio izdajica
svoje domovine.

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Hey Slavs! our grandfathers’ word still lives,
As long as their sons’ heart beats for the people.
It lives, the spirit of Slavs lives, it will live for centuries,
The abyss of hell threatens in vain, the fire of thunder is in vain.

Now let everything above us be carried away by the bura.
The rock cracks, the oak breaks, let the ground shake.
We stand steadfastly like cliffs;
Let the traitor of his homeland be damned!

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