Serbia National Anthem English Translation


Boze pravde, ti sto spase
od propasti do sadnas,
cuj i od sadnase glase,
i odsad nam budi spas.
Mocnom rukom vodi, brani
buducnosti srpske brod,
Boze spasi, Boze hrani
nasu zemlju i nas rod.

Slozi srpsku bracu dragu
na svak’ dican slavan rad,
sloga bice poraz vragu,
a najjaci srpstvu grad.
Nek’ na srpstvu blista grana
bratske sloge zlatan rod,
Boze spasi, boze hrani
moli ti se sav nas rod.

Nek na srpsko vedro celo
tvog ne padne gneva grom,
blagoslovi Srbu selo
polje, njivu, grad i dom!
Kad nastupe borbe dani,
k’ pobedi mu vodi hod.
Boze spasi, Boze hrani
Srpskog Kralja, srpski rod!

Iz mracnoga sinu groba
srpske krune novi sjaj,
nastalo je novo doba,
novu srecu Boze daj.
Kraljevinu srpsku brani,
pet vekovne borbe plod.
Boze spasi, Boze hrani,
moli ti se srpski rod!


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God of Justice; Thou who saved us
when in deepest bondage cast,
Hear Thy Serbian children’s voices,
Be our help as in the past.
With Thy mighty hand sustain us,
Still our rugged pathway trace;
God, our hope; protect and cherish
Serbian crown and Serbian race!

Bind in closest links our kindred
Teach the love that will not fail,
May the loathed fiend of discord
Never in our ranks prevail.
Let the golden fruits of union
Our young tree of freedom grace;
God, our Master! guide and prosper
Serbian crown and Serbian race.

Lord! Avert from us Thy vengeance,
Thunder of Thy dreaded ire;
Bless each Serbian town and hamlet,
Mountain, meadow, heart and spire.
When our host goes forth to battle
Death or victory to embrace-
God of armies! be our leader
Strengthen then the Serbian race.

On our sepulchre of ages
Breaks the resurrection morn,
From the slough of direst slavery
Serbia anew is born.
Through five hundred years of durance
We have knelt before Thy face,
All our kin, O God! deliver,
Thus entreats the Serbian race.

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