Romania National Anthem

Wake up, romanian from the sleep of death,
you’ve been sunken in by the barbarian tyrants!
Now or never, it’s time to sew yourself a destiny,
all your enemies should adore!

Now or never, we have to demonstrate the world
that in our hands still flows romanian blood
and we keep proudly one name in our breats,
the glorious name of Traian!

Marvellous shadows, Mihai, Stefan, Corvine,
look at your successors – the romanian nation!
With armed arms, with your fire in their veins,
they all shout: “Living in freedom, or death!”.

Priests with the crucifix on their foreheads
a christian army,
the motto is freedom and it’s aim is sacred.
We rather fall in fight, with unflawed glory
than beeing slaves again on our own ancient place.