Maldives National Anthem English Translation


Latin Transliteration

Gavmii mi ekuverikan matii tibegen kuriime salaam,

Gavmii bahun gina heyo du’aa kuramun kuriime salaam.

Gavmii nishaanang hurmataa eku boo lambai tibegen

Audaanakan libigen e vaa dida-ak kuriime salaam.

Nasraa nasiibaa kaamyaabu-ge ramzakang himenee

Fessaa rataai hudaa ekii fenumun kuriime salaam.


We salute you in this national unity.

We salute you, with many good wishes in the national tongue,

Bowing the head in respect to the national symbol.

We salute the flag that has such might;

It falls into the sphere of victory, fortune and success

With its green and red and white together, and therefore we salute it.