Luxembourg National Anthem English Translation


Ons Hémécht

(Our Motherland)

Original Letzeburgesch Words

Wo d’Uelzecht duerch d’Wisen ze’t,

Dûrch d’Fielzen d’Sauer brëcht,

Wo’ d’Ref lânscht d’Musel dofteg ble’t,

Den Himmel Wein ons mëcht:

Dat ass onst Land, fir dat mer ge’f

Heinidden alles won,

Ons Hemeschtsland dat mir so’ de’f

An onsen Hierzer dron.

(repeat previous two lines)

O Du do uewen, dem seng Hand

Durch d’Welt Natio’ne let,

Behitt du d’Lëtzeburger Land

Vum frieme Joch a Led;

Du hues ons all als Kanner schon

De freie Gêscht jo ginn,

Loss viru blënken d’Freihetsonn,

De’ mir so’ lâng gesinn.

(repeat previous two lines)


Where slow you see the Alzette flow,

The Sura play wild pranks,

Where lovely vineyards amply grow,

Upon the Moselle’s banks,

There lies the land for which our thanks

Are owed to God above,

Our own, our native land which ranks

Well foremost in our love.

(repeat previous two lines)

Oh Father in Heaven, Whose powerful hand

Makes states or lays them low,

Protect the Luxembourger land

From foreign yoke and woe.

God’s golden liberty bestow

On us now as of yore.

Let Freedom’s sun in glory glow

For now and evermore.

(repeat previous two lines)