CAC GHB 982: Father, before Thy throne of light Hymn

982—Father before Thy throne of light
Father, before Thy throne of light
The guardian angels bends,
And ever in Thy presence bright
Their psalm adoring blend,
And casting down each golden crown
Beside the crystal sea,
With voice and lyre, in happy choir,
H….. glory, Lord, to Thee.
And as the rainbow lustre falls
Athwart their glowing wings,
While seraph unto seraph calls,
And each Thy goodness sings:
Oh may we feel, as low we kneel
To pray Thee for Thy grace,
That Thou art here for all who fear
The brightness of Thy face.
Here where the angels see us come
To worship day by day,
Teach us to seek our heav’nly home,
And serve Thee e’en as they;
With hem to raise our notes of praise,
With them Thy love to own;
Till life’s first flow’r and fullest pow’r
Be Thine and Thine alone.