Why Xiaomi sells some smartphones without box

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Have you ever had to buy a smartphone without a box? I’m not talking about cases of buying the device from the hands, but about the traditional purchase in the store with a check and an official guarantee. I think not, because it is even difficult to imagine, not to mention to agree to such an adventure. But Xiaomi believes that there is nothing criminal in giving the buyer a smartphone, headphones and charger, but at the same time leave the packaging in the store. I wonder why?

The reluctance of Xiaomi to sell its customers smartphones in the original packaging has become known recently. This was told by one of the users of the social network Weibo. He complained that the seller Of the xiaomi brand store in Beijing, who accepted his payment for the brand new Xiaomi Mi 9, gave him the smartphone and all the contents of the package, asking to leave it in the store. Of course, not forever, said the seller. Picking up the box will be at the end of the month.
Smartphone without box

Analysis of the situation showed that our hero was not the only one who Xiaomi is not allowed to buy a smartphone with the packaging. All those who expressed such a request from the staff were invited to return for the box a month from the date of purchase. However, if you purchased it through the company store of the company or any of its partners, similar problems were observed, stated the surprised consumers.

The explanation for such strange behavior of Employees of xiaomi brand retail turned out to be literally lying on the surface. As explained by the journalist of the publication GizChina, thus the manufacturer only prevents the resale of new smartphones, which are usually in short supply at the start of sales. Most likely, representatives of the retail Department of Xiaomi decided that most people will not want to buy a smartphone – albeit a brand new one – without packaging, which means that they will spoil the game for Resellers.


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Updated: March 13, 2019 — 2:12 am

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