Wapka and Wapkiz Alternatives: 13 free new mobile Wap website builder 2019

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Hello geeks, Am here with another huge collection of free mobile wapsite builder that looks exactly like wapka. Last year, the legend wapsite builder, wapka ended their service after 13years of uptime.

Many famous free mobile site builders like wapego, mywapblog, blogmr also shut down. Since then have received plenty messages from wapmasters that I should help them collate best and active free mobile website builders.

That’s why am here, actually, i posted something like this last year but most of the websites i listed went offline.
So below are the working and active wapbuilders just like wapka.

1. https://5minutesite.com

2. https://www.site123.com/

3. http://www.simplesite.com/

4. http://wapkiz.com

5. http://xtgem.com


7. http://wapsing.com/

8. https://ganload.co/

9. https://wapkap.com/

10. http://wapgue.com/

11. http://wapki.ga/?i=1

12. http://wapka.cc/

Note: The websites from 1 to xtgem are the most trusted ones.

banner Internet  Wapka and Wapkiz Alternatives: 13 free new mobile Wap website builder 2019
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