Huawei is ready to give up Android at least now

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The ideological confrontation between Huawei and the US government has already resulted in the first ban on the supply of equipment to state enterprises and even a ban on the sale of branded smartphones in the country. It would seem that what could be worse than the denial of access to one of the most promising markets? Turns out he can. And this is a ban on the use of the Android operating system, which is the software basis of the devices of the Chinese company. But she’s ready for that.

According to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, the company is ready at any time to abandon the use of Android, if the us authorities forbid Google to maintain relations with it. To do this, Huawei developers have designed their own operating system, which will transfer branded smartphones in the event of a conflict situation that requires the burning of all bridges and the termination of any forms of cooperation and interaction between corporations.


Huawei operating system

Of course, Huawei does not want to give up the operating system of the search giant now and does not want such a need to arise ever in the future. It is thanks to a good partnership between Huawei and Google, the Chinese were directly involved in the adaptation of Android for folding smartphones, because they expected that they will reap the fruits of their own labors.

Huawei has already proved that in theory it is able to abandon Android and switch to a proprietary platform. This is confirmed by the smart watch Huawei watch GT, which became the first mobile device of the company, working on the basis of the operating system of its own development. And since it takes a lot of time to develop a software framework, it becomes obvious that Huawei guessed the possibility of such an outcome, and therefore preferred to be fully armed if the conflict goes into an open war.


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Updated: March 13, 2019 — 2:22 am

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