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You’re full of Love
You’re full of Grace
You hear my cry, when I call
You truly love me, You truly care
And I won’t fear, when You are here

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Refrain 1:
(And) There’s none like You
There’s none like You
Precious King
And there’s none like you
There’s none like You
Mighty God

I made it through, I survived
From the sting of death
Because of You
Now I believe, that you died for me
On the cross
I’m grateful


Lord You are faithful
You never change
Oh God You are so Kind
You’re not like man, You remain the same
King of Glory!


Refrain 2:
There’s none! There’s none!
There’s none like You, Oh Lord
‘Could search all over, all over
There’s none like You, Oh God (Repeat)

(Bridge + Refrain 2 + Refrain 1)

(Bridge + Refrain 2 + Refrain 1)

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