The future of motor sports: what will be formula 1 In 2050?

Tesla and other car manufacturers are predicting a future with electric motors. Of course, the trend will affect racing cars — the British firm McLaren told about his vision of the Formula 1 championship of the future. She believes that after a few decades of competition will remain exciting only if they will involve artificial intelligence, a new kind of cars and pilots as well as special displays showing their emotional state. The concept is known as Extreme.

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The company believes that Formula 1 cars will be able to reach speeds of up to 500 km/h — by modern standards, this is a fantastic indicator. Electric motors will not require charging as they will be able to charge directly during races in the pit lane area. The slower the car moves, the more charge it will get, but it risks being left behind. There is another option — the pilots will be able to “steal” the charge from the cars riding in front. Also in the future, you can forget about the stops to replace the huge tires, because they will recover on their own.

Formula 1 of the future

mclaren-mclextreme-formula-one-concept-4-650x366 Auto  The future of motor sports: what will be formula 1 In 2050?

The cockpit will be completely closed, because the riders are unlikely to withstand driving at 500 km / h without special protection. Representatives of McLaren believe that people should be given the opportunity to look at some human factor-for example, emotions. Thus, it offers to connect devices to recognize emotions and display them on the car with the help of color symbols. For example, the anger of the pilot can be shown in red, and calm — green.

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5c4a5b0b3fec6_maxresdefault Auto  The future of motor sports: what will be formula 1 In 2050?

Since most cars will be Autonomous in 2050, racing cars will be equipped with artificial intelligence. No, the company does not want to take away from the pilots steering wheel control, and seeks to make their driving more interesting. In particular, we are talking about the assessment of the environment, the position of the rider and his condition — the system will be able to develop a new strategy and show it on the holographic display.

mclaren-mclextreme-formula-one-concept-8-650x432 Auto  The future of motor sports: what will be formula 1 In 2050?

Of course, the tracks will also change. They will become more adapted to extreme weather and will be surrounded by transparent barriers so that fans are as close to them as possible. By the way, viewers may well hand out augmented reality devices, which will display all kinds of information about the race.

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mclaren-mclextreme-formula-one-concept-1-650x335 Auto  The future of motor sports: what will be formula 1 In 2050?

Thinking about the future of cars, there are very interesting questions. If after a few years the transport becomes Autonomous and people stop driving it on their own-will they be interested in watching the competition?


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