Recently, unknown type of blood vessels found in human bones

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Previously, scientists have found a lot of evidence that inside human bones there is a complex system of blood circulation. If it wasn’t for her, then how, for example, would the emergency bone marrow injections of the wounded soldiers help them get back on their feet so quickly? New research has proven that there are hidden passages in the bones that help blood and immune cells spread rapidly throughout the body.

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Blood vessel

Tiny channels are called “transcortical vessels” because they penetrate even the hard, cortical layer of bones. The first guesses about their existence were put forward by the immunologist Mathias Gunser, who observed the movement of colored blood cells inside the body of laboratory mice. He noticed that they pass even inside the solid layer and, not finding any mention of this feature in the books, created a special research project.

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To reveal fine blood vessels, scientists introduced into mice the bone substance under the name of ethylcinnamate. Using light microscopy and x-rays, they saw hundreds of tiny tunnels. It turned out that the tibia of mice contains more than 1,000 such capillaries, through which more than 80% of arterial blood passes. The same tunnels, but wider, were found in the bones of a human volunteer-it was the author of the study Matias Gunser.

It was quite unexpected — to find the anatomical structure, which is not described in any textbook of the 21st century — shared the researcher.

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The team believes that previously the vessels could not be detected due to imperfect technology. Now the renderers finally helped them to detect such subtle things as the passages inside the bones.

New knowledge will help researchers to create new drugs against inflammatory diseases. Recently, such an open becomes more and more-for example, the discovery of chaos in the immune system will help in the treatment of diabetes and even cancer.


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Updated: January 23, 2019 — 2:07 am

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