Oddmar-the best platformer in Google Play

“Odmoru did not manage to find themselves in life and to earn their place in Valhalla. He has squandered all his potential and the rest of the Vikings of his tribe despise him. One day he will have an opportunity to prove himself, but he will have to pay for everything.” That’s what the description of this amazing game looks like. Oddmar is a platform game that compares, probably, only with final fantasy. At least, since the release of Limbo is the first game that you are really interested.

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Everything is fine here-graphics, history, physics, enemies, mechanics. It is difficult to come up with a platformer about the Vikings, which would be better Oddmar’a. Game trailer:

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What distinguishes it from all other platformers? Development of game mechanics. As you progress through the player will entertain more and more, offering a ride on a bull or a turbulent river. You can fall sharply into the ground and be among unprecedented monsters. Oddmar is fun to play because It doesn’t get hung up on certain actions. Levels are not just a different location on the map, each level is unique. Perhaps that is why Oddmar is similar to Limbo, which also had its own history and development as it passed.

oddmar3 Android Games  Oddmar-the best platformer in Google Play

In Oddmarr vowel sounds, much the atmosphere of Viking times, I would like to mention well-drawn cut-scenes and good optimize so drawn objects and high-quality textures. No doubt recommend the game to download. Find a better product in Google Play will be extremely difficult.

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Application: Oddmar
Developer: Mobage Ltd.
Category: Adventure
Version: 0.29
Price: Free
Download: Google Play


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