Google Files app for Android declared war on memes

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Despite the fact that, even checked the file, as found by the researcher in the field of cybersecurity Baptiste Robert, can expose your data in danger, there is at least one solution that you can trust. It will not only clean the memory of your Android smartphone from the cache and all sorts of files that do not represent any value, but also remind you if your passion for memes goes too far. And the name of this app is Google Files.

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As the Twitter user with the nickname omckws found out, Google Files can really analyze the memory of your smartphone for memes. For example, when there are so many of them that the application finds that there are a lot of them, it will group them and offer to remove them all at once. And since Google Files can probably distinguish between regular media files and memes, it helps to minimize the possibility of erroneous deletion of important images.

What are memes

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To understand that it is in front of the memes, Google Files allows information about how often these images are sent to other applications between users. In any case, this is how the application sends a notification along with a recommendation to clear the memory of the smartphone from funny, but absolutely useless in terms of semantic and even more functional load of images.

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But Google Files can be used not only as a meme analyzer and memory cleaner. With it, users can share all kinds of files with each other regardless of their Internet connection and other wireless interfaces. This was made possible thanks to a special technology designed by Google, which inherently resembles Apple’s AirDrop.

Application: Google Files
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play


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