Bacteria in the nose can protect against influenza

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When it comes to human health, many people mistakenly believe that bacteria are our enemies. At the same time, they forget that they are very important for the body and play a major role in the digestion process. Researchers from the University of Michigan found another useful function of bacteria — some of them living in the nasal cavity and throat of a person, can protect people from the influenza virus. Perhaps in the future, they will be used as a basis for medicines, and people will use antibiotics only in case of the most urgent need.

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Bacteria in the nose

Scientists have found a useful property of nasal microorganisms in the study of statistics of the spread of influenza virus between members of 144 families from Central America. The researchers selected a group of 537 healthy people and took samples of bacteria from their nose and throat to find out their type and number. They distributed the microorganisms into five groups and identified the owners of which of them were more resistant to the influenza virus and did not get sick by the end of the study.

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In their work, the researchers took into account other factors affecting the risk of disease: age, availability of vaccination, Smoking and the number of people in the family. As a result, it turned out that people with a large number of Fusobacterium 1, Neisseria 1 and Streptococcus 1 are infected with influenza less often than others. It is noteworthy that these bacteria can be sources of other diseases.

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According to the main author of the study Betsy Foxman, before creating drugs based on these bacteria, they need to conduct many other scientific works. At the same time, she notes that the use of bacteria for prevention of diseases can save antibiotics for more serious problems. Scientists want to use other methods of fighting influenza, such as patches with vaccines.


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