6 Dangerous Things You Must Avoid as a Blogger

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6 Dangerous Things all Bloggers must avoid

This is another year. I know you guys might be considering diverse ways of maximizing your earnings and making it better than last year. Here with me, I have many things to tell you that will definitely see you through in your blogging career this year, and will help you attain your desired level this year.

Everything I gathered below really happened to me and affected my blog negatively; I don’t want you to fall inside same pit. So, here are the 8 things bloggers must avoid. Happy reading!

1.)) Do Not Junk your website

Do I even need to tell you this? Because am sensing that you are a pro, the word junk is not only in terms of your blog layout and display, also in terms of advertisement placement. Some bloggers will place too much of advertisement on their website thinking it will boost their earning , of course it’s true but I want you to understand that your audience/readers will begin hating your website the moment they found your advertisements disturbing and annoying. So, I will like you to consider placing your advertisements in a neat and moderate manner.

Also, some bloggers Jampack their blog’s index thinking that it will make search engine craw it quickly, no you don’t need to get your website choked up. After submitting sitemap, you don’t have problems any longer.

2.)) Do Not Slow Down your website

If you are a blogger, and all you know how to do is posting, you don’t care about your site speed you are missing it already. Google uses site speed as one of their ranking factor, that’s why you must consider it by reducing your website Javascript, CSS, images etc.

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Speed Up your website by; adding it to cloudflare, Optimizing your JS, CSS , and (images as mention above), using high quality webhosting with good server, activating AMP plugin (wordpress users), deleting garbage and unused plugins (WP).

3.)) Do Not Click Your Advertisement Yourself

If you don’t want to regret at the end never you click your adsense yourself. This is also applicable to other ad-networks.

4.)) Do Not Edit Your Permalink after Publishing Posts

This mistake is so common and you must stop it. Sometimes you publish a post and later you found out that the tile is not grammatically okay, so you edit it, do not edit the permalink!.

Let me explain better most of us we use auto sharing plugin or app which helps us to share our posts to social networks automatically, so, if you change the permalink, the link that’s shared to social networks already will leads to page not found. Likewise search engine, they hates page not found. It will affect your search rank negatively.

5.)) Disable Automated Plugins and Apps While Importing Your Website

Google almost banned my gmail last year. Why? I was moving my blog from blogger to wordpress using a plugin. Unknowing that as the posts was importing so it’s been shared automatically to Google+ they thought I was spamming. And gave me last warning.

Thinks you must disconnect are: Jetpack, IFTTT, Zampier etc.

6.)) Avoid Copy And Paste

The-Danger-of-Duplicate-Content-300x300 Internet  6 Dangerous Things You Must Avoid as a Blogger

If all you do is copy and paste here and there without sitting down and create your own unique articles you

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