Samsung will artificially cut the performance of the Galaxy S10 Lite 2

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Samsung Electronics can artificially limit the processing power of the Galaxy S10 Lite by cutting the performance of its processor. This is indicated by the results of the benchmark Geekbench, in which the manufacturer tested the conditionally available flagship 2019 on the eve of the official release. Obviously, in this way Samsung expects to reduce the demand for the smartphone, so that it does not take away a share from the more advanced and, as a result, more expensive models.

In favor of the fact that Samsung plans to cut the performance of the hardware Galaxy S10 Lite, show extremely low by the standards of chips 2019 test results. Thus, in the single-core test the smartphone that runs on the Snapdragon 855, gaining at least 2,000 points, whereas in the multi-core is just over 6000 points. Taking into account that the device is based on a 7-nanometer chipset, such low marks given by the benchmark look just not serious.

gb Smartphones  Samsung will artificially cut the performance of the Galaxy S10 Lite 2

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What will be the Galaxy S10 Lite

The Galaxy S10 Lite should be the youngest version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone of 2019. By and large, the device will be the answer of Koreans to the iPhone XR, which Apple released at the end of last year to occupy the market of sub-flagship smartphones. This decision was very rash, as most consumers took the iPhone XR as a representative of the affordable segment due to a number of obvious compromises, which went to the vendor, with a highly inflated price.

To avoid the fate of the iPhone XR, the Galaxy S10 Lite has to get rid of its flaws. Fortunately, it seems that Samsung understands this, and therefore plans to equip it with a dual camera and a display with high pixel density, which the device lacks competitors. Now the main thing is for Koreans to understand that the artificial limitation of the smartphone’s performance is a way to nowhere and a big risk to lose the already declining market share.

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