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Samsung 5G Release Date is Announced

Samsung 5G Release Date is Announced; The operator said when Samsung will release 5G-smartphone

The deployment of high-speed Internet of the fifth generation will begin in the coming year, and an important role in this will be played by the American mobile operator Sprint. In August 2018, it became known that with its support will be released 5G-smartphone LG, and at the end of November, the operator signed the same agreement with HTC. Samsung will also take part in the popularization of the new generation of the Internet — the partnership has already been created, and the future 5g smartphone even has an approximate release date.

Now, Samsung smartphones with fast Internet connections will be introduced in the summer of 2019. Around the same time, announcements of new products from LG and HTC are expected. Earlier, the operator noted that one of them will be called LG 5G and will get a “brilliant” design. There is every chance that the South Korean company will release a completely new model, and will not get off with a modification of the LG V40 with an updated processor and communication module.

The names of new products from Samsung are still unknown. It is likely that the support of the fifth generation networks will receive one of the modifications of the flagship Galaxy S10. It will have a 6.7-inch display, a main camera with four modules and a dual selfie camera. You can read about other variants of the expected flagship in our January material.

As for HTC — it is surprising that the company continues to produce smartphones despite its failures in the field of mobile devices. In November, she explained her restlessness by the fact that smartphones are an important part of people’s lives. Thus, the company can not lose one of the tools that will convey to users what it is really strong-augmented reality technology.


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