#CES | LG kitchen device makes it easy to brew beer at home

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At CES 2019, LG made a truly intriguing announcement for lovers of cold craft beer – it introduced the HomeBrew brewing machine. It maximally simplifies the process of making a drink, independently controlling the fermentation and other processes, the correct flow of which guarantees the receipt of the highest quality product. All that is needed from the user is special capsules with ingredients, water, and patience, as manufacturing can take some time. The development of the machine was carried out for more than three years – it is not surprising that the company paid a lot of attention to the presentation.

Craft beer

The ease of making beer has been achieved thanks to special capsules, which contain all the necessary ingredients: brewer’s yeast, essential oil from hops and various flavors. You can buy capsules from third-party companies, for example, from the British company Muntons, which has been manufacturing raw materials for the brewing industry since the distant 1921. The manufacturing process begins immediately after adding water, installing containers with ingredients, selecting a grade and pressing the start button.

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List of beers:
American IPA;
American Light Ale APA;
English stout;
Belgian Witbier;
Czech Pilzner.

LG representatives warned that the production of the drink will take about two weeks – the duration depends on the grade. You can follow the process through the Android or iOS application. The machine automatically controls the fermentation process, the writing of the algorithm of which took more than three years. The device protects the drink from being infected with wild yeast, which often happens to novice brewers. After making aromatic beer, the machine is self-cleaned with hot water and becomes fully sterilized and ready for making the next batch.

wp-image-2019808709 Technology  #CES | LG kitchen device makes it easy to brew beer at home

Homebrew Brewing Machine

The device seems even more tempting if we recall the forecast of scientists that by 2099, beer will become a scarce drink. Unfortunately, the company has not yet named the price of the HomeBrew brewing machine and the capsules, or the date they were released for sale.

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Updated: January 11, 2019 — 11:00 pm

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