CES 2019: BlackBerry-bankers smartphone

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The name of the brand BlackBerry forever entered the history of high technology, but now reports about it appear much less often than before. At CES 2019 sounded a lot of pleasant for those users who love and appreciate the brand BlackBerry and still believe that the smartphone needs physical buttons. After all, the annual exhibition of consumer electronics is not only a platform where new devices will debut. There are also voiced and achievements.

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TCL offers smart phones on the world market under the legendary brand BlackBerry and THE company has reasons to be happy, enjoying the success of push-button smartphones, according to colleagues from phoneArena.

The audience of BlackBerry users in the past year has increased significantly

At CES 2019, representatives of the canadian brand noted that in 2018 (compared to the year before last), more consumers became users of BlackBerry devices. The progress of the brand is expressed by an impressive “two-digit number”, it is noted additionally. This is incredibly happy. However, growth rates are still not as good as we would like, but hopes for the future are high.

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Most of today’s users of BlackBerry devices previously also had smartphones of this, one of the most striking in the history of the mobile industry, the brand. The company has focused primarily on business users and this approach seems to work great.

BlackBerry KEY2-smartphone for a large Bank

As noted by the General Manager of BlackBerry Mobile Francois MAHIEU (Francois Mahieu), business consumers are returning to the devices of the brand. Although details were not called, but it was reported that the” very large ” canadian Bank began to use BlackBerry KEY2.

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As for new products, TCL did not show anything significant at CES. However, the company announced its partnership with Verizon operator. But in less than two months the mobile technologies exhibition MWC 2019 will start. Thus, waiting for the New BlackBerry Android smartphones is probably not long.

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