#CES | A robot that folds all your clothes

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CES does not cease to please with interesting and even absurd gadgets, but this device you definitely want to put in your bathroom or dressing room. FoldiMate is a real robot that performs only one task: it automatically folds the clothes placed in the device. Washing and drying machines are already there, why not assign another tedious and constant household chores to technology?

Both adults and children can manage the robot. It is enough to choose the type of clothes (shirt, T-shirt, trousers or even towels) on the built-in screen, place them in the device as if the paper is in a printer and wait for a miracle!

dims_15-650x386-2019808709 Technology  #CES | A robot that folds all your clothes

foldimatefbpromo-650x334589026082 Technology  #CES | A robot that folds all your clothes

The folded clothes are placed in the lower part of the robot, from where you can get neat piles and immediately take them to the closet. True, it is necessary to lay everything out on the shelves. This is how it works:

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maxresdefault1503466557 Technology  #CES | A robot that folds all your clothes

At first glance, the thing is very cool, but it has its own questions. Firstly, it is a rather large robot, which bypasses the size of a washing machine – rather, it’s like a cooler with a 19-liter bottle. In addition, the device requires manual loading of each item separately. Yes, and carry and fold all have yourself. There is probably no time saving here, the person continues to do most of the work.

FoldiMate will find its buyer, but the price will bite – the device will go on sale this year at a price of about $ 1,000 (70,000 rubles). You can feed the robot from a normal home outlet. Gradually, almost all residential premises are filled with efficient household appliances, and if FoldiMate is modified (for example, by automatically determining the type of clothing), he may well become an assistant owner. Although this gadget is more useful to bachelors.

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Updated: January 11, 2019 — 11:14 pm

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