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Samsung has figured out how to make one smartphone dual

Koreans continue to delight with interesting new products. CES 2019 exhibition has already started in Las Vegas, where Samsung presented the concepts of modular TVs based on MicroLED technology. It allows you to assemble from individual TV panels of any size. In the case of a new patent, something similar can be observed. The company has patented a smartphone consisting of two identical devices that can be connected with magnets.

This whole case looks like this:

The smartphone can be used in different ways. There is even an option similar to BlackBerry devices, when one part of the device is the keyboard and the other display.

The device consists of two identical parts, each of which is equipped with its own processor and display. Modules can work separately from each other. By connecting them together, we get a tablet with several modes of operation – one large display, two separated, located nearby. You can even arrange the panels so that the displays are located on the outside of the structure.

It is still unclear how all this will work, but it is obvious that Samsung is not standing still and is constantly trying to come up with something new. Imagine if the company implemented something similar, for example, in the case of the Galaxy S11. If there are multiple s11s in the family, they could be combined to watch movies together at a ratio of 21: 9, for example.

The main problem with this solution is the framework. The actual patent can only be the case when combining the two devices are no frames between displays will not. In the meantime, everything looks damp and certainly in the near future will not be implemented.

Samsung inspires confidence again

A year ago, when Samsung sales stagnated, I could put an end to the Koreans, betting on Huawei and other Chinese. Now it is obvious that Samsung is trying to keep up with competitors and match the status of the company “Number 1” in the smartphone market. I will not hide my desire to support Samsung in the battle with Huawei.

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