Google Chrome for Android has become a weapon in the hands of intruders

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Google Chrome for Android for a long time could be the cause of leakage of private information about users, researchers found out in the field of information security company Nightwatch. As it turned out, the web browser revealed data on the device model, operating system version, and also provided third-party applications with a summary of installed security updates. In this way, there was a risk of breaching confidentiality as well as malware infection.

The information that Google Chrome shared with third-party applications posed a serious danger to the safety of users and the performance of their devices. Possessing data on the current version of the firmware on which the device is based, attackers could exploit vulnerabilities, install spy on users and actions they performed with their device. As a result, stolen account passwords and a lack of funds in bank accounts.

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Google Chrome Update

According to Jacob Shafranovich, a researcher at Nightwatch, the vulnerability in question has been in Google Chrome since 2015. Despite the fact that experts have repeatedly informed Google of this flaw, the developers of the search giant were in no hurry to fix it, proposing a fix just now. However, even the current version of the update with the bug-fix turned out to be half-measure, because it prohibited the browser to share information only about the firmware, but not about the device model.

Earlier in Google Chrome appeared the function of shortening URLs. Despite the desire of Google to make surfing more convenient, experts found the innovation extremely dangerous for ordinary users. It turned out that, using the abbreviation function, which consists of removing additional letters and symbols from the address, the attackers could replace legitimate websites with phishing, in order to obtain credentials from bank accounts, etc.

googlechrome-750x383-1693823458 Android  Google Chrome for Android has become a weapon in the hands of intruders

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