Best feature of Galaxy S9 after update to Android 9 Pie. What is it?

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The end of December pleased users of Samsung flagships with a cool gift. We are talking about the update Galaxy S9 and S9+ to the latest version of the Android operating system. Pie came out a few weeks before the planned start, so the owners of the “Galaxies”appreciated the gesture of the South Korean company. Over the past few days since the release of the update, Samsung smartphone fans have had time to study it up and down. Today we will tell you about an important advantage of the improved system.

One UI based on Android Pie has many advantages. For example, the system now stores deleted images for 15 days. In addition, it is able to block changes on the desktop, which saves users from accidentally moving icons and widgets. It is impossible not to remember and improve the shooting of selfies called Live Focus.

Cons, too, there is. 9 Pie is still a missing feature Adoptable Storage and dark theme Night Mode can not be activated depending on time or location. Because of this, the owners of the flagships are forced to turn it on manually.

Android 9 Pie for Samsung

Improve the experience under the power of the function Lift to wake, reports SamMobile. Its meaning is simple: when the user lifts the smartphone from the surface, the latter removes the lock. Prior to this, the device uses the scanner of the iris and identificeret owner. Everything happens automatically and without having to press the buttons.

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Fans of Samsung’s flagship smartphones turned off the iris scanner after engineers moved the fingerprint scanner under the camera. However, now again there is a reason to activate it-Android 9 Pie on the Galaxy S9 quickly comes to life and conveniently unlocks the smartphone.

iris-1 Smartphones  Best feature of Galaxy S9 after update to Android 9 Pie. What is it?

while Pie is loading on smartphones, let’s define the most popular way to protect data among readers. Vote for the one you use most often.

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