How to hack android device pattern lock using skype

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Skype allows you to bypass the password in Android and get access to contacts and photos

The protection that fingerprint, iris and face recognition technologies provide to the data from the memory of our smartphones is so primitive that almost anyone can fool it. This was proved by the 19-year-old information security researcher Florian Kunushevtsi, who managed to bypass the lock screen and access photos from the locked device’s memory, contact list and launch a web browser.

Hack protection Android Kunushevtsi could using Skype. To do this, he called the locked smartphone and, after simple manipulations, found that the mobile client accesses data from the memory of the device, even in the locked state. From the video below, it is clear that Skype allows you to share photos, videos, view a list of contacts, send messages, discredit the victim, and also access the web browser by opening links.

How to hack Android using Skype

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According to Kunushevtsi, the opportunities that Skype can provide an attacker, result from errors in the design of application security systems. In an effort to give users maximum freedom when interacting with the application after answering a call, the developers have completely forgotten that the smartphone may be in the hands of an outsider who will have the opportunity to access confidential data of the owner.

At the time of publication, Microsoft has already released a Skype update for Android, which eliminates the existing vulnerability. The updated version no longer allows third parties to have unhindered access to information that may be of importance to the user. Now, to get access to data from the memory of the device, the application every time asks for a password if the call came in when it was blocked.

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