Google has made voice control in the YouTube app for Android really convenient.

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Google has released a YouTube app update for Android with an improved search interface and support for new commands. Now users can not only dictate their requests to the search box, but also ask YouTube to show videos from those or other categories. The described innovations are designed to facilitate the process of interaction with the application in situations where verbal control is preferable to contact control.

The updated voice search interface on YouTube is similar to the one in the Google Assistant application. However, at the time of publication of the publication, it is available only to selected users, which will be indicated by a corresponding notification.

After you click on the microphone icon in the search box and begin to pronounce the request, you will see a red icon like the one in Google Assistant, which will pulsate to respond to your pronunciation, and each word will be transcribed for clarity.

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yt-750x5011346978320 Technology  Google has made voice control in the YouTube app for Android really convenient.

How to control YouTube by voice
An important innovation in the updated YouTube has been the ability to navigate to selected sections using a voice. For example, you can now ask the app to show videos from trends or your subscriptions. But to find out about the time spent on YouTube for the last day, week or month will not work. Most likely, these commands need additional testing and will appear with the release of the next updates in the foreseeable future.

Since the YouTube update is spreading gradually and is not available to anyone from the editors, it’s impossible to say for sure whether voice commands are supported in Russian. But, given Google’s commitment to the concept of globalization, it can be assumed that Russian-speaking users will also be able to navigate within the application as soon as the update reaches them. And it will happen, hopefully, very soon.

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