A full dark theme will appear in Android Q

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For the first time, a serious topic about the dark theme was started up with the release of Android P. In the update, the company had to implement a full-fledged system-wide dark theme, but because of a misunderstanding with the AOSP team it was not possible to implement the idea. Currently, Android only supports the dark theme at the level of the launcher, which automatically appears when you install the appropriate wallpaper on your desktop. Now you can talk about a full dark theme that will appear in Android Q.

Such conclusions can be made after analyzing the topic on the Chromium Bug Tracker forum. It says that developers must implement support for a dark theme in all standard Android applications by May 2019.

chrome_2019-01-06_18-07-58-close-crop-1693823458 Android  A full dark theme will appear in Android Q

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Dark mode is a proven feature of Android Q. The Q command should make sure that all pre-installed applications support the dark theme initially. In order to successfully present a dark theme, we need all UI elements to be perfectly adapted to the dark mode by May 2019.

The dark theme in the Android Q settings will be available in the display settings section and may be called Dark Mode or NightMode.

Is Google lagging behind?
Google should have implemented a dark theme in Android P, since some competitors have already outstripped the company. Samsung, for example, introduced the OneUI shell with support for a dark theme. Of course, if Google adds to Android Studio the tools to quickly adapt a dark theme to applications and create certain guidelines for creating a dark theme, the process will go much faster, because Samsung is responsible only for its own applications and cannot affect the Android smartphone market globally.

Apple is no longer a generator of ideas?
If Apple implemented the dark theme in iOS 12, no doubt all manufacturers including Google would work on this feature, but Apple is not in a hurry, which is why all other manufacturers are not very willing to work on this functionality or develop it extremely slowly.

But after all, the dark theme is a useful feature against the background of the growing popularity of smartphones with AMOLED displays, so it’s strange that only in May 2019, Google implements Dark Mode.

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Updated: January 10, 2019 — 12:00 am

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