CES 2019: First Flexible Battery Revealed

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The further development of mobile and wearable devices is significantly hampered by the rigidity of the batteries. To arrange them, it is necessary to allocate a very specific space in the device case, and this prevents a more aesthetically appealing and innovative design. Flexible batteries have been reported before, but they lacked power. The technical solution proposed by Jenax can be used in many categories of modern devices, not only in smartphones and smart watches. Moreover, it is very useful for the 5G era.

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The South Korean technology company Jenax says its new flexible battery is the first product in the world to transform wearable devices and the Internet of things. J.Flex is the official name for the new technology, which debuted before the Consumer Electronics Show, the most impressive announcements of which will be considered in the Telegram channel. Dominik Bosniak (Dominik Bosnjak) on the androidheadlineslines pages notes that Jenax is going to use the opportunities provided by the exhibition, which will be held in Las Vegas, in order to show the wider public its magnificent design.

Jenax by Jenax – flexible batteries

The J.Flex system will be considered in more detail on January 9, 2019 at the Digital Health Summit, which is the most important component of the CES 2019. The first generation of the company’s new technical solution was developed specifically for medical devices, but also suitable for consumer-grade electronics, including smart watches. Despite the innovative bendable design, the lithium-ion cells are used in the new battery, which means that the cost does not increase too much compared to the cost of manufacturing existing batteries. The new battery form factor will allow vendors to offer devices with a more elegant design on the market, since modern batteries still imply some cumbersomeness.

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New batteries will allow manufacturers of wearable devices to focus primarily on the convenience of their products. The Jenax presentation at CES 2019 will also be accompanied by presentations from representatives of Philips, Abbott and Johnson & Johnson – companies that are known for significant investments in digital resources for health. However, this is not yet a guarantee of the use of J.Flex technology by companies.

In which devices and why do we need bendable batteries

2_jenax-flexible-battery-1693823458 Smartphones Technology  CES 2019: First Flexible Battery Revealed

Technology from Jenax may be useful for modern smartphones. Samsung is going to release a bendable phone and, according to reports that have appeared, one of the components of the novelty will be an innovative flexible battery. Thus, J.Flex may be similar to the technology developed and will be produced by Samsung SDI.

Roll-up flexible batteries are not a completely unseen concept. Samsung, about five years ago, showed prototypes of something similar, but this form factor was not able to provide power to devices more complex than fitness trackers.

The technology in question can be used not only in mobile and wearable devices, but also in the equipment of the Internet of Things. New batteries can also be useful in laptops, allowing designers to focus on the hardware, since the battery can be positioned almost as you like.

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What is the task of the 5G-era is not solved by a flexible battery
Even smartphones that do not belong to bendables will also benefit from the new technology. After all, designers still have a lot to think about the location of 5G antennas for networks of the new generation, which leaves less room for the battery. However, the new concept still does not solve another important task facing engineers, which is that 5G assumes a stronger heating.

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