How to bend the display of the smartphone. BOE showed it on video

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The company BOE showed a video, thanks to which users, perhaps for the first time, will be able to see how the display of the smartphone of the future will bend. Smartphones with folding touch screens can become one of the brightest trends in the very near future. New devices that can replace both the smart phone and tablet will give the user the long-awaited choice between the big screen and the compact form factor of the phone. And the user himself will determine in what capacity it is convenient to use the device right now. CES 2019 has not yet begun, and truly amazing things have already begun to be shown to the public.

Bending smartphones finally after years of rumors and assumptions become reality. But it may take years before the new form factor becomes widespread, because the newest technologies are usually the most expensive and, therefore, for a very long time they remain rather interesting innovations, which are nice to read in the Telegram news channel and on the website . Victor (Victor) on the pages of the resource was considered a magnificent bendable display of smartphones of the future, shown by BOE. In any case, readers are pleased to realize that the new form factor of mobile devices will have to debut in Android smartphones.BOE screen bend radius is only 1 millimeter

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It is very interesting for users to see how the flexible on-screen panel behaves in reality and whether the display looks folded like a regular flat panel. Thus, the BOE video allowed to look into the future of mobile devices.

2_boe-1693823458 Technology  How to bend the display of the smartphone. BOE showed it on video

The prototype AMOLED panel under consideration is 7.65-inch with a resolution of WQHD (2048 x 1536 pixels). Among its key characteristics: brightness – 380 nits, response time – 1 millisecond. Color gamut – 118% of the NTSC scale. However, there is nothing in the characteristics of the display itself that the OLED panels did not please before.

The most interesting feature of the novelty is the place of the fold. BOE notes that the technology in question is characterized by the world’s smallest bend radius – just 1 millimeter. After all, the smaller the bend radius, the more aesthetic the device will look.

BOE also emphasized the strength of its new development. As the company notes, it is able to withstand 100 thousand flexions. At first glance, this figure seems modest, but, in fact, it is even more than most modern mobile devices may need during the entire life cycle.

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