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Today it is almost certainly clear that the public will not be shown the new BlackBerry smartphones at CES 2019. But this does not mean that the most famous brands of the past will not manifest themselves at the upcoming consumer electronics exhibition, the announcements of which largely determine the entire new technological season. It is possible that it is in Las Vegas that the brand, which played one of the main roles in the history of the mobile industry, will once again remind of itself not only as a vendor of inexpensive phones, but also show impressive innovation.

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TCL Communication is a company that now manufactures products under the legendary Alcatel, BlackBerry and Palm brands. It will be among the companies that will delight their new products at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, reports Adrian Diaconescu on the pages of

New BlackBerry on CES 2019 do not wait

It is still early for the announcement of the BlackBerry KEY3, since KEY2 saw the light relatively recently – last summer. In addition, in the fall, the audience was pleased with KEY2 LE, a version of the smartphone with slightly reduced performance. TCL hinted that it would be about working with operators.

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Unlike the BlackBerry KEYone, which is sold directly by AT & T and Sprint, KEY2 and KEY2 LE have never been offered by leading US operators.

On the CES 2019 can debut frameless smartphone Alcatel

But new products will also be presented by TCL at one of the most significant technology exhibitions of the year. This will be the first of the 2019 generation Alcatel smartphones. The details are unknown, but previously the mysterious full-screen device created by TCL was reported on the Web, in which the Alcatel Full View Display will be used.

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It should be noted that a number of 2018 Alcatel phones were advertised as “FullView”, having at the same time a wide notch and quite noticeable frames and, thus, not enraptured by modern users, who used to appreciate beauty in everything, even in technology.

However, the proposed TCL Alcatel smartphones have a very attractive feature – their prices. And so many users prefer an affordable price, rather than a trendy design, especially considering that, in general, the devices are aesthetically pleasing.

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TCL, as already noted, is preparing an amazing frameless display, but the time when it will find its use in a real phone is still unknown. Will Alcatel realize the dream of his frameless smartphone in a week?

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