Huawei started firing employees for iPhone

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The punctures of employees of major manufacturers of Android smartphones that publish advertising messages on Twitter using the iPhone, have long gone down in history as textbook examples of what should not be SMM. It got to the point that some marketers began to take such cases seriously for well-planned actions aimed at attracting the attention of the media. However, as Reuters found out, this is far from the case. At least in Huawei.

According to Reuters with reference to Huawei’s internal document dated January 3, 2019, its management has extremely negatively perceived the actions of its employees, who allowed the publication of messages on the official page of the company from the application for iPhone. According to Chen Lifang, Chairman of the Board of Huawei, such cases cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the brand, reducing its credibility in the eyes of both competitors and consumers.

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iPhone or Huawei

According to Lifang, an internal investigation conducted as a result of the incident showed that the actions of the SMM service employee were not aimed at discrediting the brand. The publication of the message using the iPhone occurred at the time of problems with the Network connection. Then, in order not to miss the appointed time for the publication of the message, it was decided to send it from the iPhone of a stranger. Obviously, this statement was made to emphasize the fact that Huawei employees use only devices of the same brand.

But got for the incident, not only the employee who made a puncture, but also Huawei’s Director of digital marketing. According to lifang, The company froze his salary increase for the next 12 months. Going to such harsh measures, Huawei expects to increase the self-awareness of individual employees and eliminate cases of oversight by the management.


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