Google will make Chinese Android smartphones more expensive

Google may start charging manufacturers from China for the ability to install Android on branded smartphones, which is confirmed by a message that was published on the official Android page on Twitter. This will lead to a natural increase in retail prices for devices that risk losing the status of the best solutions in terms of price-quality, if vendors fail to regulate the introduction of duties.

“From the third quarter of 2019, we plan to start charging Chinese vendors, which may include Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi and many other smartphone manufacturers,” — said in a Google report, which at the time of publication on January 3 was removed by the author.

tw Smartphones  Google will make Chinese Android smartphones more expensive

Why smartphones from China will rise in price

A message may have been deleted for several reasons, but one of the most likely is that it is premature. It is possible that Google hastened with the publication of news about plans to impose a fee on manufacturers for the use of Android, without working its content. In any case, it is not clear why the list of vendors from which it is planned to charge includes only Chinese enterprises and not all the others.

According to one version, the need for the introduction of the Commission stems from the legislative ban on the imposition of proprietary services together with the distribution of the operating system imposed on Google. Because of this, the search giant had to start providing manufacturers with their applications and Google Play, including for a fee. And since almost all Google services are banned in China, the company did not receive enough money because of this.


banner Smartphones  Google will make Chinese Android smartphones more expensive
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