Android 9 Pie brings memory optimization to the Galaxy S9

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One of the main claims to Android devices stems from their inability to resist clogging. The cache sites and apps, duplicate media content file and various debris falling into the device memory, reduce its speed and make once the top unit is terrible slow. This is successfully used by scammers, offering users applications for cleaning data, which in fact are absolutely useless. Fortunately, Samsung has figured out how to solve this problem forever.

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As it turned out, in Android 9 Pie Samsung developers have added a native tool to clean data from the memory of the smartphone, which was called Auto Optimization. It removes only unnecessary files, including cache, network advertising components and the like garbage, without affecting the user data, representing for the owner of the device at least some value. In addition, Auto Optimization unloads from memory those applications that are idle in order to free up RAM.

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How to clear the memory of your smartphone

To clear the data, go to Settings – Device Care-open the context menu and start the Auto Optimization function. Since all memory cleaning activities are completely Autonomous and do not require user intervention, you will be asked to specify the time when the optimization will take place. It is recommended to choose night or evening time, because, as a rule, during this period the device will lie without use.

ao Smartphones  Android 9 Pie brings memory optimization to the Galaxy S9

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It is quite strange that Samsung has just decided to add Auto Optimization to its smartphones. Many Chinese manufacturers have long equipped branded devices with similar functions, which, I must give them credit, very effectively cope with its task. One of the best implementations of the memory optimization feature, in my opinion, is the LeEco solution that cleans up all file garbage and helps to improve the performance of the smartphone by pressing just one key.


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