Which smartphone to buy to get regular Android updates

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The release of new versions of the Android operating system is similar to a guessing game. It is similar because millions of users around the world immediately begin to wonder whether their smartphone will receive an update, and if it will, then when. These questions can only be answered by producers, who often prefer to remain silent until the last moment. But the authors of the resource aosmark made a list of vendors who have gained credibility, updating branded smartphones more often than competitors.

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AOSMark does not disclose the details of the calculation method used, but clarifies that it awards points to manufacturers for each major update that they release for their devices. Whether the total number of models from the vendor range is included in the calculation formula is unknown.

Why buy Google Pixel

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As expected, the first place with a rating of 3.5 points out of 6 possible was taken by Google. The search giant became the only vendor of 20 participants who managed to step over the mark of 3 points, and, I must say, quite deservedly. The company regularly releases at least four updates for branded devices, and then continues to support their updates with vulnerability fixes. The second and third places respectively were taken by the Chinese OnePlus and Finnish Nokia, owned by the conglomerate HMD Global.

Nokia, despite its relatively recent presence in the smartphone market, entered the top 3 manufacturers by the number of updates released for a reason. Since the beginning of production of devices running Android, the Finnish manufacturer has steadily adapted for them all the updates of the operating system, which was released by Google, and promised that it would do so in the future.
The most updated Android smartphone

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It is noteworthy that the most updated smartphone of our time was HTC one Google Play Edition. If you believe the aosmark calculations, this device received the most updates. Apparently, the friendly relations that have developed between Google and HTC over the years of fruitful cooperation have affected. To refute, as well as to confirm this statement neither we nor colleagues from Western publications failed, so we recommend to treat it with a degree of doubt.



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