Google will allow you to control Android smartphones without touching. How would that work?

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Google developers began 2019 with updates. For example, the voice assistant has learned how to donate money to charities. To do this, simply ask the assistant to perform the appropriate action and specify the name of the organization. The function works on Android-smartphones, Google Home and even Home Hub, but is limited to the United States. It turns out that the company’s employees are also working on a new way to interact with devices.

It is a non-contact radar motion sensor, also known as Project Soli. According to representatives of Android Authority, the technology will allow you to interact with the interface of your smartphone, smartwatch or other devices without touching the display.

Since the development works on the principle of radar, Google needs a special permission to conduct testing. Initially, representatives of the search giant wanted to test the technology in the frequency range from 57 to 64 GHz, but the Federal communications Commission (FCC) allowed only slightly exceed the current norm. Whatever it was, in the end, the company received a special license.

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Patent Technology  Google will allow you to control Android smartphones without touching. How would that work?

The technology will teach the device to record movements in three-dimensional space using a radar beam. Users will be able to give commands to their smartphones and tablets by simply waving their hand or pressing the “invisible button” between the thumb and index finger. In this case, the function will not be active constantly, so the fear of a catastrophic impact on the battery can be immediately discarded.

Description of Project Soli reminiscent of the technology of Air View in Galaxy S4. The owners of this flagship could do something similar in 2013.

Commercial application of the new features yet, but the resolution of the FCC still pleases. Would you like to see something similar in your next smartphone? Please share your answers in the Comment Section.




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