Google has figured out how to facilitate the transition from Android to its new OS

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The operating system Fuchsia, which is read the status of the successor of Android, will by default support applications from Google Play, found 9To5Google. Despite the fact that even the approximate timing of Fuchsia’s entry into the market is still unknown, it is obvious that Google has long been considering the latest platform not as an experimental project, but as an ecosystem-forming product, the functionality of which will be enough to ensure the operation of devices of all kinds.

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According to the current AOSP content, which has been updated this year, Fuchsia will use a modified version of the Android Runtime (ART), which will be presented as an extension .far. This is a special component responsible for the ability to run applications for Android on devices with other operating systems. Previously, a similar component was added to Chrome OS, which Google decided to bring a little closer to Android and thus expand its functionality.

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rm-750x229 Technology  Google has figured out how to facilitate the transition from Android to its new OS

Application for Fuchsia

The support of the Fuchsia operating system for Android applications is a significant fact that determines the direction of development of the future platform. It indirectly confirms that Google sees Fuchsia as a complete replacement for Android. And to make the transition between systems as painless as possible for both users and software developers, it was decided to resort to cross-platform.

According to rumors, Google plans to complete the transition between the platforms by 2022. So much time is required because of the versatility of Fuchsia, which will be able to provide the performance of both smartphones and computers, wearable electronics and technology from the category of “smart home”. Thanks to the versatility of the operating system, Google will be able to more effectively build an ecosystem of branded products, improving them with an eye to their deep relationship.


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