Fortnite Creator Finaly Left Google and come up with a better alternative

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Google Play is no longer needed? Fortnite creators have come up with a better alternative

Despite the fact that the market for mobile applications is a long-established phenomenon and it would seem impossible to bring something new, Epic Games Studio decided to try. According to Tim Sweeney, the founder of the company-developer of the cult game Fornite, he and his wards will try to do everything possible to destroy the hegemony of the App Store and Google Play, declaring itself in the field of trading games and SOFTWARE for mobile platforms.

The reason that prompted Epic Games to organize its own app store, which will be placed only games, was the Commission, which is charged in the App Store and Google Play. A fee of 30% of the cost of an app or purchase made by a user as part of a game or app is an excessive amount that should be cut in half or even three times, Sweeney thought, and concluded that the world needed a living example.
Epic Games Store

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To attract third-party developers to publish their games in the Epic Games Store, it was decided to reduce the Commission to 12%. Thus, says the founder of the Studio, it is planned to allow the creators of SOFTWARE and games to earn on their works more than they are allowed by Apple and Google, which actually established a monopoly. His example Epic Games plans if not to destroy the dual power of corporations, then at least shake their position.

For obvious reasons, the opposition from Epic Games will not be able to shake the position of Apple. The company from Cupertino suppresses the installation of games and applications from third-party sources, allowing you to download SOFTWARE exclusively from the company’s catalog. But with Google it’s different. “Corporation for good” does not prevent the use of alternative app stores, and therefore the efforts of Epic Games can lose not only the income from commissions, but also the authority.


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