Google has updated Google Maps for Android. Why do we need “Messages” in ” Maps”

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No sooner had 2019 really come into its own, as Google introduced the next update of the application “Google Maps” for Android. The main innovation of the update, which is obviously still available in test mode to selected users, was the native widget of the “Messages” application. Thanks to it, users will be able to communicate directly with companies and organizations whose addresses and contacts are present in the database of the map service of the search giant.

The introduction of the “Messages” widget should greatly simplify communication with representatives of various enterprises. The developers believe that it is sometimes difficult for users to find the contacts of the store, catering establishments or public institutions to clarify the details about the time of their work, breaks and weekends. Thanks to the built-in “Messages” this can be done directly without leaving

the Google Maps app.

gmm Android Apps  Google has updated Google Maps for Android. Why do we need "Messages" in " Maps"

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According to one of the users of the portal Reddit, the club in which he works, has already gained access to the function of “Messages”, but to date has not yet received any messages from visitors. Perhaps, he says, the function has not yet received the proper distribution due to the restrictions imposed by Google. At the same time, it is still unknown what tools are used to communicate the user with representatives of the company, if they do not use “Messages” for Android.

Over the past year, Google has significantly expanded the functionality of Google Maps. One of the most memorable innovations was the built-in widgets of music services like Apple Music and Google Play Music. Thanks to their support, users are able to control the playback of tracks directly while using maps or Navigator. Especially the innovation was useful to drivers for whom the process of switching between applications while driving could be fatal.

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Application: Maps: navigation and public transport
Developer: Google LLC
Category: Travel
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