Which iPhone will leave Android flagships more space

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The main competitor of the most productive top Android smartphones, of course, iPhone XS Max. Unlike most of the similar characteristics and capabilities of mobile devices, it works under the iOS operating system, as well as all the smart phones offered by Apple, loved by millions of connoisseurs of its magnificent products. According to new forecasts, the production of the top model of the current iPhone XS Max line will be reduced by about half. But there is another point of view, although the main analysts agree with each other.

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Probably for the first time since Steve jobs (Steve Jobs) showed the hungry for new technologies to the public the first Apple iPhone, sales of these popular flagships have slowed significantly, says Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman) on the pages phonearena.com, referring to the CNBC reviewed Citi Research report.

Citi Research predicts a significant decline in iPhone XS Max production

As part of a special program, consumers can take their old iPhone and get a discount on one of the new models — iPhone XR or iPhone XS. Thus, the decline touched the top model of the line — up of the coming year-iPhone XS Max, the main competitor of the most impressive Android flagships, new messages about which readers are constantly waiting in the Telegram channel. After all, it is the premium devices that show the capabilities of the industry. In the new year-in the beginning of January quarter, which is the second financial for the technology giant from Cupertino, according to Citi Research forecasts, the production of this model will be reduced by 48%.

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Citi Research analyst William Yang (William Yang) said in a message to customers that he expects to reduce iPhone production in the coming three-month period to 45 million. Original Citi Research forecast — 50 million. It is expected that most of the unproven iPhone will be iPhone XS Max.
Rosenblatt: in the first three months of the New year will produce 2.5 million iPhone xr less

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Citi Research is not the only analytical firm that informed its customers about the upcoming decline in iPhone production in the second fiscal quarter of 2019 (for Apple). Rosenblatt analyst June Zhang (Jun Zhang) recently warned his customers about the expected decline in Apple’s phone production by 4 million during the period under review. But there are also differences in forecasts-Rosenblatt analyst believes that a significant part of Apple devices that will never be produced — iPhone XR (2.5 million units).


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