Google implements anti-spam protection in users’ smartphones. How it works?

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December for Google developers was very busy. The programmers presented an updated Google Play app store with a redesigned side menu for easy navigation. Also in the middle of the month there was an update Keep, which learned to provide additional space for manual notes. Finally, there was an update of Maps with improved design elements and increased speed. At the end of the year, employees of the search giant decided to please users with spam protection.

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Spam protection concerns the stock application for correspondence. The introduction of this function in the “Message” started talking a few weeks ago, but it came to just now. According to representatives of the Android Community, some users of smartphones running green robot confirmed the release of the update. The notification looks like this.

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Spam Tech News  Google implements anti-spam protection in users' smartphones. How it works?

The update takes place on the server side, so you do not need to go to Google Play for the update. In addition, the function can be disabled — especially true for users who are worried about the privacy of their own data.

To survive, like as not. The system should remove identifying information on the type of phone numbers and the content of the email. At the same time, it will statistically analyze the information and search for common features between unwanted spam messages.

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But if the company complains about spam in a particular letter, Google will receive a full summary of it, including the number and text. In this regard, there are doubts about the prospects of the features.


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