A new model of expansion of the Universe, explaining the dark energy, is proposed

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Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden have proposed a new model of the Universe, capable, in their opinion, to solve the mystery of dark energy, which, according to many theoretical physicists, is responsible for the expansion of space. A new article by scientists, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, describes a new structural concept and the role of dark energy for our Universe, which researchers believe moves on the edge of an expanding bubble. A press release of the study was published on EurekAlert!

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Since the late 1990s, scientists have known that the rate of expansion of the Universe is constantly increasing. The reason for this scientists call “dark energy”, which is evenly distributed throughout and pushes the particles of the mother from each other. Understanding the nature of this dark energy is one of the most important mysteries of fundamental physics.

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Researchers have long believed that the answer to this riddle prompt string theory. According to it, all matter consists of tiny vibrating stringed objects. In addition, this theory States that there are more than three spatial dimensions. Over the past 15 years, scientists have proposed several models that could explain the emergence of dark energy. However, all of them faced strong criticism and were eventually recognized as non-working.

The article published by Swedish scientists describes a new model of dark energy, as well as our Universe. So, according to the new model, our universe is moving on the edge of a growing bubble into an additional dimension. According to this model, all existing matter is at the ends of strings stretching to another dimension. Scientists claim that their model is fully consistent with string theory and proves that there can be more than one such bubble — and hence the Universe.

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In a press release, EurekAlert! it is said that the model proposed by researchers from Uppsala University offers a new look at the nature of the appearance and the future of the Universe, and can also be a way to prove or disprove the theory of strings.


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