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On the roads of the United States was seen a new version of the Tesla semi truck

How Tesla electric trucks will look like was known long before the official presentation on November 16, 2017. This is not surprising — hardly any company would be able to keep secret the design of a huge tractor. If before the presentation they had time to shoot at the test grounds, then after the event they were noticed right on the busy roads. To date, people knew about the existence of only two versions of the truck, but appeared on the Internet photo proves that there are more.

Tesla Truck

The first version known to people is a silver tractor with a high fairing of the cab. The second option has a matte body, looking more compact and stronger than the first modification. They were both seen during the transportation of batteries for Tesla Model 3 cars from the Gigafactory plants in Nevada to the plant in Fremont.

The third version of the truck, which previously no one knew, was captured in a photo by the user Reddit. Truck, painted in red color, moved on a highway 405 in Los Angeles. Body design is not much different from the design of the matte model — at the top as there is no fairing. Whether there are differences between them in terms of technical equipment is not known. Perhaps an eyewitness filmed just a repainted version of the truck, but since the official release of Tesla tractors has not yet taken place, the company could make technical improvements.

The start of production is scheduled for 2019. The company intends to sell the version with a power reserve of 480 km for 150 000, and the modification of 800 km-for 180 000 dollars. Also, the manufacturer intends to release a limited version of the Founders Series worth $ 200,000. This information was announced more than a year ago and it is possible that the company will change the timing and price tags depending on the scale of the changes.


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